13 children delighted together with families

Veröffentlicht am 12. Juli 2022 um 15:20

A very intense and emotional weekend we could make possible thanks to again many helpers. The children could laugh again and enjoy the day full of adrenaline. The relatives were also able to come along and have fun. 

All in all a very positive weekend with many great people.

Small drop of bitterness: Unfortunately, the transmission of my car gave up the ghost. It will certainly cost something, but we will come again. After about 1000 laps driven for Sonnenstrahl e.V., however, we must not be angry about this damage!

Thanks to the great commitment of Uwe, I was allowed to continue driving his great Porsche and make more guests happy. Thank you Uwe you are a good guy.

Without a team no ride on the Ring!

Anne, Vivian, Ramona, Astrid, Bert, Michél, Jan, Hendrik, Xavier, Oscar, Frank, Albrecht, Henry, Matthias, Norman, Uwe, Michael, Conny, Mike...And all the families who were waiting at home for their loved ones.

An event with many selfless people. Here are the impressions. Thank you Conny Reinholdt. You take really great pictures!

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