We provide free cab rides on the race track for children with cancer and their families.

We are Massimo Santarossa and Xavier Montandon.

Since 2019, we are committed to helping children with cancer and their families forget this terrible disease.....at least for a day. 

The Sonnenstrahl e.V. Dresden. supports affected families all the way.

As a member of the racecar-hilft.de Team, we have already completed more than 1,000 laps for children with cancer and their families at the Lausitzring. The happy eyes of the affected children and their families, the tragic stories we hear and see, all the friends who help us are the reward for our great time and financial commitment. Would you like to become a sponsor? Sign up here.


I was born in 1969 and I am a proud father of 2 healthy sons. Since my first son was born, I realized that riding in an "exclusive" car is a pleasure. At that time the idea was born to give children this unforgettable opportunity. We completely rebuilt my car for exactly this purpose and turned it into a spectacular racing car. The 4,000 hours invested have already paid off. 

As already mentioned, I am a happy father of 2 healthy boys. I can't even begin to imagine what would happen to me if I had to experience such a stroke of fate. Only those who go through it know what it means.


I was born in 1969 and am the proud father of a grown son. As a professional welder and mechanic, I was allowed to help with the conversion of the Nissan. With a great satisfaction I look at the many happy children's eyes and I am sure that we are doing the "right thing" here.

As a racing enthusiast, I am happy to combine my passion with a good cause. To give the affected children and their families such a unique experience fills me with pride and awe.

I always accompany my friend to the Lausitzring, which means a 2'000 km journey for me every time. This commitment means a lot to both of us and moving a super sports car for a good cause is even more fun.



Name: Massimo Santarossa

Born: November 1969

Nationality: Swiss / Italian

Children: 2 (10 & 2 years old)


Name: Xavier Montandon

Born: May 1969

Nationality: Swiss

Children: 1 (20 years old)