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Dear readers,

At our last event, we were fortunate enough to present a balance pad from Airex AG to every child with cancer. The joy was indescribably immense, as these children need all the support they can get.

For many children with cancer, the path to recovery is long and arduous. In addition to treatments and medications, they often also need to rebuild their physical strength and endurance. This is particularly important to withstand the stresses of the disease and therapy.

The balance pads sponsored by Airex AG are a great help in this context. They are ideal for training and strengthening the muscles and balance of the children. Through training on the balance pad, the children can improve their body coordination and posture, which in turn helps them better manage their daily lives.

We are very grateful for the generous support of Airex AG, which has enabled us to present a balance pad to every child with cancer. We are convinced that this will make an important contribution to the recovery and well-being of the children.

Finally, we would like to thank all supporters and donors for our campaign. Together, we can help ensure that children with cancer have a better future and recover more quickly.

Best regards,

The awishcomestrue team

By the way, you are welcome to support us to continue this project. With every donation of at least 100 CHF / Euro you will receive a one-time discount code of 20% directly from us. You can redeem this code when you buy something in our online store. More information here.


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